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Aug 11, 2008


"My doula was an umbrella of support." 

"Every woman should have a doula." --- Irma & Isaac

"My birth resulted in a c-section. My doula stayed with me and offered comfort through the entire ordeal." --- DM

"My labour lasted 28 hours, my doula was by my side. It was empowering knowing that
I had someone to help me through each moment." --- Christie

"I liked the techniques she used to help my wife get thorough those last emotional centimeters." --- A. McDonanld

"I'd like to comment on how Carla has been extremely helpful with the pregnancy of my wife, Paula. Unfortunately from the start, the pregnancy hasn't been a fun ride, resulting from one complication to another.

My wife and I were blessed with twins but unfortunately, the blessing also came with tragic news as we found out that twin to twin transfusion was the cause we were facing. Than after the laser surgery, we had to deal with the news that one of our sons had hydrocephalus... no brain matter whatsoever.

Needless to say, Carla has been a great support to us. Her lending hand has been an extra tower of hope that reassures an anxiety stricken couple that their labour and pregnancy will go as smoothly as possible. Even through all the hard times we were already facing...

Thanks for everything Carla. God Bless always..."--- Lex and Paula Mejia

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Mama Sayana Doula Support said...

Thank you to all the families who have submitted their testimonials, it was an honour to be present as you expanded your families.

All are welcome to include additional comments and share your own birth stories or doula experience.