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Aug 14, 2008

Birth Trauma Stress Disorder Afflicts Moms

Study suggests that PTSD may be more common than previously believed.

" Birth is meant to be a rite of passage for a woman into motherhood... she should be cared, supported and loved to arrive in motherhood in one piece-body, heart, mind and soul."

As a Labour and Postpartum Doula I ensure that new moms are equipped with the uncersored knowledge of pregnancy, childbirth and the initial postpartum period.

During my own childbirth experience, things didn't go as planned as I was in labour for 56 hours. In the end, I was left battling (what I thought was) a mild case of the baby blues. With the right support I was able to cope, and made a comforting transition into my new role as mom.

Many women are not aware of their options as birthing moms, and some are forced into making uninformed decisions at the cost of their dignity. Many women are left feeling robbed of such a special experience.

When they are fully informed they are empowered and equipped to enter this momentous experience, and are able to deal effectively with the unexpected.

In my line of work, I encourage new parents to replay their brithing expereince and come to terms with the realtiy of any trauma or mishaps that they had to face.

This gives them the opportunity to become aware of and work through their emotional shock following the traumatic event.

As it is written " Through pain find strength, through birth find healing."

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