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Aug 6, 2008

Frequently asked questions

*What do you think is the most important part of your job?

The most important part of my job is mothering the expectant mother. I accompany her in labor to help ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience. I provide reassurance and perspective to you and your partner, make suggestions for labor progress, and help with relaxation, massage, positioning and other techniques for comfort. I believe that you are in charge of your own birth and that I am the invited guest. I am there to serve you to help you have the type of birth you have envisioned for yourself.

*What is your religious belief (if any)?

I am a spiritual person with various religious and philosophical beliefs.

*What are the main skills and abilities you bring to the birth?

I am a labour, postpartum and hypno-birthing doula. I am also a Traditional Japanese reiki practitioner. I draw on my knowledge and experience to provide emotional and physical comfort as needed. I use comfort measures to not only coach mom's through the physical part of labor but also tend to her emotional needs.

*What do you think the father's role should be during labour?

I believe that dad is to be intimately involved in the process of labour and birth. I coach dads to be familiar with the process and language of birth, to understand medical procedures and hospital protocols and advocate for his
partner in an environment and culture he is usually unfamiliar with.

I also teach partners how to squeeze mom's hips to take the edge off back ache; how to rock through contractions in a slow dance; how to manage pain through rhythm, relaxation and ritual.

*How do the doctor and the nurses usually react to your presence?

Overwhelmed nurses don't always have the time for one-on-one instruction, so some have been happy to have me support mom. From a nursing standpoint, some have had doulas cross a line and interfere with the medical aspect of delivery, so few have not been responsive to my presence.

*How do you handle a conflict with the medical team?

Doulas contend that doctors and nurses aren't always cooperative. When I walk into a hospital where the nurse doesn't know me, I still experience dismissal: "What is she here for? Why does the woman think she needs someone else to protect her? "

To ensure that conflict doesn't arise I respect the hospital protocol and stay within my scope of practice. If indeed it does, both staff and I have to make sure that we stay professional and focus on the primary reason for the occasion: Mom first.

*Do you have any additional training or licensing or special methods that you use in your practice?

I am a Traditional Japanese Reiki practitioner and have seen clients experience a degree of comfort from therapeutic touch.

*Will you be available during my 37-43 week period?


*Are there any limitations to your availability?


*Will you come to my home if I am in pain but not ready to go to the hospital?


*How many clients do you take in a month?


*What is your back-up plan if you are not able to attend?

In the event I am unable to attend a birth due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, your birth will be attended by my backup assistant.

*What does your services include?

Holistic Doula Care Treatment includes:

:: Initial Consultation
:: 2 Prenatal Visits
:: 1 Reiki Treatment: energy healing that involves direct application of Chi for the purpose of strengthening the clients energy system
:: Hypno-birthing: self hypnosis, guided imagery, affirmations and visualizations
:: Birth planning: formulating a birth plan
:: Labour Coaching: rehearsal for labour, physical comfort measures, massage, positional changes
:: 1 Postpartum Visit: newborn care instruction and breastfeeding (additional visits available upon request with applicable fees)
:: Unlimited prenatal and postpartum phone support
:: I am available 24 hours a day 2 weeks before and after your estimated delivery date

Creative Services (additional fees )

:: Belly Casting & painting
:: Birth Stories
:: Photo/video diary of labour & delivery

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