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Aug 11, 2008

Ask a Doula

Feel free to ask about doulas, becoming a doula, finding a doula,
the basics of pregnancy, birth and beyond, including breastfeeding,
newborn support and more.

Post your questions as a comment.


chrissy said...

Is it okay to get pregnant while still breast feeding? I have read YES however i have also read it can affect my milk supply or Is that in only rare cases? Thank you

Mama Sayana Doula Support said...

Hi Chrissy, thank you for your inquiry.

Yes, it is safe to breast-feed while pregnant.
The La Leche League International supports breast-feeding during pregnancy. Although many others, including professionals have other opinions.

You will need to eat adequate nutrition to support the nutritional needs of your unborn baby.

Some women find that their supply of breast milk decreases during their second trimester. You may need to supplement at this point if your baby isn't getting enough nourishment.