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Jul 8, 2009

The Moon's Effect on Natural Childbirth

'Does this old wives tale have any validity? Contrary to common believe, this theory is true. The discovery channel had an episode on women going into labor during full moon. 

The moon changes the barometric pressure in water due to its gravitational pull. Just as the moon has an effect on the waters on earth which makes it responsible for the tide coming in (high tide) and the tide going out (low tide), it too has an effect on humans, as humans are 75% water.

The gravitational pull from the moon changes the barometric pressure in the woman's water sac and this change in pressure usually causes it to rupture which result in the women going into labor or the doctor having to induce labour due to the leakage.

In my own experience I have noticed a pattern of women going into labor anywhere from immediately to 24 hours after a full moon.'

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