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Jul 25, 2009

Michael Jackson's Kids and His Vision of Postpartum Care

I came across this article written by Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE. Very interesting read, explains a bit about what the King himself thought of the initial postpartum care of his children and their mother.

"Never in my mind did I think that there would be anything remotely related to Michael Jackson on my site. But tonight as I listened to Debbie Rowe, his former wife, talk about her relationship with the King of Pop, the children and her postpartum experience I changed my mind. Between Rowe's interview and snippets of an interview with Michael Jackson himself, you got a very odd view of what the postpartum experience was for the Jackson family.

With his first son, Prince Michael, the baby had some breathing difficulties right after birth. As with any new parent, Michael Jackson was frightened. But when the NICU nurse pronounced, several hours after birth, that the baby was healthy and doing well, Michael immediately took the baby home to the Neverland Ranch. Hours, folks. Seriously, in the hospitals where I live, you'd be lucky to see your baby out of the nursery sometimes in that amount of time and in your postpartum hospital room.Even stranger is where Debbie Rowe went when she was released from the hospital after giving birth. Michael Jackson had fixed it so that she could rest and recuperate at the Biltmore in Arizona. Now, that is my style of postpartum care! (I did have a niggling question about where she trashed the monster pads you have to wear after giving birth.) While I would have to have my baby with me, the Biltmore sounds like a smashing place. I did wind up doing a few days postpartum in a hotel after our seventh baby was born and our AC went out, but let's just say seven small kids in one room was not what Debbie Rowe had.

When Paris was born, Michael Jackson again, whisked the baby off This time he reportedly didn't even let the baby be dried off before returning to the Neverland Ranch. ( Mom went to a fancy new house of her own this time.) Wow. Part of me is amazed that anyone let this happen in the hospital. Part of me totally gets that this was all about what money could buy. My wish? That parents who wanted to give birth in the hospital, had the choice to return to their homes shortly after birth if they wanted to do so, even without having to moonwalk the baby out of the nursery under the suspicious eye of the nursery nurses."

What's your take on the story of Michael Jackson's babies' home records and the fancy postpartum digs?


Rj said...

Honestly, I thought it was very odd when I first heard it. Wonder why hospitals hold the rest of us hostage...Just!

Sherry said...

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