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Jul 11, 2009

Birth and Death

During the week of the G8 meetings in Italy, White Ribbon Alliance is launching a short graphic film to highlight the scandalous lack of attention to how many women still die giving birth around the world.
Maternal death is the greatest health inequity of the 21st Century. Every minute, someones mother, sister, wife or friend dies needlessly giving birth. That adds up to half a million women a year.

It remains a global disgrace that more women in the developing world die through becoming pregnant than from any other cause.

Yet we know what to do to stop this. Weve tried it. It works. Even in countries usually considered poor.
The answer is many more trained health workers.
The G8 have promised to take action.
As yet, they havent.
Lets hold them to their promises.

Birth and Death is part of the White Ribbon Alliance Atlas of Birth project, in collaboration with GHP3 (University of Southampton) and Immpact (University of Aberdeen), July 2009.

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