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Aug 5, 2009

Pesticides & Breastfeeding

Lanolin comes from sheep. Sheep eat grass sprayed with pesticides. Pesticides are not good for breastfeeding babies.

This week is Breastfeeding Week—a celebration of motherhood and the baby she protects and loves. Breastfeeding is very good for your baby but sometimes nipples can become cracked and sore enough for the mother to become discouraged. Nipple gels can help greatly but I would like to inform you about the current state of most nipple gels on the market.

Currently, most breastfeeding women are given a lanolin based product to help relieve their sore, cracked nipples. As you may know already, lanolin is an animal based product—100% cholesterol— and lanolin can contains pesticides because lanolin is procured from sheep who graze on grass that may have been treated for pests.

Several studies from JAMA have demonstrated that there are residual pesticides in lanolin containing compounds in spite of purification by the manufacturing company. Lanolin is also dark, greasy, and is malodorous. It stains undergarments of breastfeeding women.

Another important warning—lanolin is not kosher because it is an animal product which should not be combined with breast feeding.

Beaute de Maman Nipple Gel contains no lanolin—and therefore no pesticides. Our Beaute de Maman product is an omega 3 fatty acid base derived from a plant. It is colorless and odorless gel. We have added a natural herb, calendula officinalis, which is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and helps in the prevention of mastitis. It seems to work well for vegetarian patients and also patients who are allergic to wool. All our products were pre-tested on hundreds of pregnant women and we are very pleased with the comments and results.

Developed by Dr. Michele Brown, OBGYN and founder of Beaute de Maman Caring Products for Pregnant Women this extraordinary gel uses a soothing blend of natural and herbal ingredients with a smooth, moisturizing castor oil base to aid in the healing of sore, cracked, dry nipples. Calendula officinalis is the essential component to this innovative product which promotes the healing of inflamed areas on the nipple.

Unlike other gels which are sticky, greasy and contain lanolin, Beaute de Maman's special formula contains NO LANOLIN, and it is easy to apply and remove. Nipple Gel does not have to be wiped off prior to feeding.

Please visit the product page for complete description.

Happy Breastfeeding Week to You All!

Thank you to Dr. Michele Brown for sharing.

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