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Aug 6, 2009

Mali Midwives

Mali Midwives facilitates continuing education opportunities for matrones in rural Mali. Matrones desperately want and need continuing education. Even though they deliver 60% of attended births in the country, they get little attention from Mali's under-resourced health care system.

Mali Midwives has been sponsoring a pilot continuing education project since January 2009. Do your part and - CHIP IN!

A Malian proverb says that a woman in labor has one foot on earth, and one foot in the grave. The proverb is all too true: a woman in Mali has a 1 in 15 lifetime chance of dying from childbearing complications. Many women die because there are no doctors, nurses, or highly trained midwives rural villages. In villages, where most Malians live, auxiliary midwives, or matrones, provide the vast majority of maternal health care. For most Malian women. matrones are first and only health care provider they will ever see.

Mali Midwives facilitates continuing education opportunities for rural matrones in Mali. Their goal is to raise $15,000 to sponsor thier pilot project. You can donate online at

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