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May 19, 2011

Awesome TED Talk On Birth, Power And Doulas.

"I don't tell them what to do, I believe in them."

Sometimes a good TED talk is the best way to grasp a new and complex topic in minutes. What you’ll grasp from watching this one is, among other things, why a doula can be so valuable to a woman in labor. You’ll also learn just how awesome Ginny Phang is.

Ginny Phang is passionate about enriching a woman's child birth experience, supporting couples through their choices and
helping them to achieve the best possible birth experience. As a Doula, she has supported over 300 births and taught antenatal classes to hundreds of couples. She works with first-time mothers, mothers who have had multiple babies, couples from all cor­ners of the world, vaginal births after a cesarean, breech vaginal births, twins, water births, and home births. She believes in doulaing with a warm heart because birth matters.

She joined with many women in Singapore who delivered TEDx Talks to share their stories and ideas joining with the voices of hundreds of other during Global TED Women over 2 days in Dec 2010.

She’s been speaking all over the world in front of audiences ranging from small groups of single pregnant women to the Singapore International Congress of Obstetrics & Gynecol­ogy. She’s been trained by pioneers in childbirth education and labor support. She’s been quoted all over the place, including TIME magazine and other publications.

In her talk, she tells us what led her to becoming a doula, how labor works, and how our ideas about birth can shape our experience of labor and pain in labor. She ends with a handy check-list of things you can do to try and have a positive birth. Throughout there’s boatloads of wisdom, humor and insight. Even if you know all about doulas and how birth works, I think you’ll be really taken by Ginny’s incredible charm. Let’s just put it this way: I’d give birth with her any time!

Here is the video clip Ginny screens at the end of her TEDx Talk.

Four Trimesters Birth Videos

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Kristen said...

AMAZING talk! Thank you so much for sharing!