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Sep 9, 2010

Dangers of Ultrasound & Dopplers

There should be a louder outcry about what I see as a growing epidemic. The routine application of ultrasound in normal pregnancy is considerably dangerous. Although most medical practitioners assure us that ultrasound presents no dangers, this procedure, which is used to study the body's internal organs with non-ionizing waves, has been the subject of research indicating some considerable risks.

There are countlesss studies that all testify to the concern over the use of ultrasound prebirth scanning. We only read about the dangers of these "safe" procedures years after they have been in use and have damaged an untold number of trusting patients. It's always unwise to assume that any form of energy that the human body has not been accilimated to for a million years, is safe, just because your Doctor says so.

These are a few articles on Doppler Danger...

"Don't stop researching when you find the answers you want. Please remember that there is absolutely no ethical way to PROVE that ultrasound, including dopplers, is safe for the unborn. Just based on how they respond to it, we need to stop shooting sound waves at babies."


Ulrike Woodandfelt, ND, CPM said...

Bravo! This is exceptional information. Women need to know about these things! I would like to add that repeated speculum exams are also very dangerous. Metal speculums are autoclaved between uses, and the repeated exposure to excessive heat and the delta rays of the autoclave cause the stainless steel to degrade. This degradation is invisible to the naked eye, but when the degraded steel contacts the acidic vaginal secretions, small dense clouds of mercury vapor can be released. This has direct toxic effects throughout the reproductive tract, especially on the eggs. It leads to many congenital conditions. It also causes reproductive cancers, like cervical cancer. Of course, these problems are big business for obstetricians, which is why they ignore these FACTS.

priya said...

Thank for sharing