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Oct 9, 2009

15th October: Tweet-a-thon for Million Mums

The Million Mums Tweet-a-thon coming soon/ Tweet the World!

If you aren’t aware of the work that the Million Mums Campaign and its mother charity the White Ribbon Alliance do regarding reducing the maternal mortality rates across the world then now is the time to take note.

Next week MumsRock in partnership with the Million Mums Campaign are hosting their very first Tweet-a-thon. If you’re a member of Twitter all you need to do is tweet why you think mums rock to ‘@mumsrock because...’ Simple isn’t it?!

If you can then retweet the ones you like to your followers we’ll retweet yours too. The aim is to get a million mums around the globe to tweet together why they think mums rock. This could be what your mum has done for you, why you love her, or even why you think being a mum is cool too.

Don’t worry if you’re not on twitter - you can take part too by emailing us here at and we’ll tweet them for you. You just have to keep your tweet to under 140 characters.

Sarah Brown (wife of Gordon) is patron of the charity and has been very proactive at raising the issues. Other famous mums (and cool women) that are already part of the campaign include: Sarah Ferguson, Davina McCall, Claudia Winkleman, Naomi Campbell, Mariella Frostrup, Kirsty Young and Eve Pollard.

Sarah says, “...throughout the UK people are becoming one of a million mums. I know because every time I twitter about the campaign I get a fantastic response. Young people and not so young, mothers, men, grandparents - all seem to instantly recognize that it doesn’t make sense for a woman to die needlessly or only just survive giving birth when we could so easily do something about it and reap dividends,”

We’re asking you all to spread the word about our Tweet-a-thon which will last for just one day, midnight to midnight, next Thursday October 15th 2009. If you tweet, we'll add your name to the growing list of names around the world who are supporting the Million Mums campaign.

Sarah continues “ People are running marathons, climbing Mount Blanc, doing sponsored walks....whatever their special skill might be. It’s also possible to simply go to the MILLIONMUMS.ORG website, sign up, donate and hear more. “

“The Million Mums Campaign will take up all our voices and make sure they are heard far and wide. It will connect people north and south to raise awareness and to advocate for the trained health workers girls and women need so that they, and their babies, have the care they need, before, during and after birth.”

And some of the campaign’s star-mums are already warming up their tweeting muscles to sum up motherhood in those all important 140 characters: Lauren Laverne says, 'My mum is little, red-haired, funny and very kind. I think she should be President of the Earth because she is the most organized capable person I know.'

Naomi Campbell: My mum rocks because...
'She is my whole inspiration, the person I lean on, the person I confide in and I'm truly grateful to her...she is my best friend.'

So whatever you want to say about mums, mothers, mummy’s (yummy or otherwise) make sure you remember the date - October 15th 2009. If we can get a million mums tweeting on this it will make a great statement about what we believe women deserve during pregnancy and childbirth. And maybe the politicians and policy makers around the world will sit up and take notice. After all isn’t this what motherhood should be about?

Don’t forget to tweet @mumsrock because.....on October 15th 2009. Let’s show the world the power of mum.

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