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Jun 2, 2009

BUMP: A weekly meeting place nurturing informed moms and moms to be.

BUMP is a weekly meeting place nurturing informed moms and moms to be. Swap stories and wisdom, support and advise moms and moms-to-be in a forum designed to get you talking about the issues of motherhood.

Facilitated by Kimberley Orton, Birth Doula, & Dr. Tanya Smith, Chinese Medicine, SPRING SESSION TOPICS INCLUDE:

June 3 - Nutrition for Pregnancy and Postpartum
June 10 - Mother-care
June17 - Carriers
June 24 - Eco-babies and Elimination Communication

10:00am -12noon, $5 drop-in, refreshments,
babes in arms and toddlers welcome!

Lifecycles Wellness, 94 Cumberland St., Ste. 805


Charndra at Part Time Diaper Free said...

Eco Babies and EC - that's a great name for a session topic!


BluePixo said...

Experienced nursing mothers, who have successfully breast fed several babies take a little advance in planning, so that they themselves are free to relax and enjoy the new nursing baby without unnecessary obstacles to their physical well-being or their peace of mind.

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