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Sep 10, 2008

Dr. Phil Soliciting Home Birth Horror Stories

Dr. Phil's website is soliciting home-birth horror
stories-- get happy clients to inundate it with satisfied home-birthers, or
go to the site yourself and give your feedback. If we don't respond, he will
do a show that slams women's right to birth at home and our sound judgment
to make such choices..... ....

Dr. Phil has a form on his website where you can submit your "home-birth
horror story".

Many of us are instead using this form to a) tell our horrible hospital
stories, b) tell our great home-birth stories, or c) just plain let Dr. Phil
and his staff how bad we think this show concept is.

My hope is that, if enough people raise a stink, the show will drop the
idea. If you or anyone you know wants to join in the barrage, you
can find the form here:

Do you regret having a home birth?
http://www.drphil. com/plugger/ respond/? plugID=12524

Pregnant? Wondering If You Should Home Birth?
http://www.drphil. com/plugger/ respond/? plugID=12479

Did You Have A Traumatic Birthing Experience?
http://www.drphil. com/plugger/ respond/? plugID=12538


Baby Keeper said...

I want to share the trailer for my new birth film for fathers about where birth is safest for the baby...

I hope you'll check it out, be inspired by it personally, and pass along the link ...


Mama Sayana Doula Support said...

Thank you Janel. I will share this film within my doula community, and re-post it on my blog and a few other informative sites.